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In this fast paced industries and changing technologies, it is often difficult to create a viable product or application which is robust and responsive. We have different platforms for mobile app and if we really want to be in the industry, we have to be present on all platforms. As a mobile app development company we have to focus on, the App speed and the development speed. And in the same time we cannot leave the quality factor.

Mobile app development is a longer process, the process includes the idea mapping, design and development, testing and if we distribute the work in detail so there is lot to do for a single development. And every task needs time and it increases the development timeline. But, fortunately there are tools and resources which can help you in shorten your lengthy time and process. These tools are very effective and it can improve the app development timeline, and with that we can improve our mobile app development services.

  1. Low fidelity wireframes as a guiding blueprint:
  2. As a Mobile app development company, we must use low fidelity wireframe to outline the app from the design and architectural view and then we should go into the development process.

    Low fidelity can save your time because we use rough blueprint that is abstract and detailed. These wireframes can give idea to developers also that how they should go and start the development. This wireframe provides the details to backend as well as frontend developers who are working on UX and UI. It can save time and if we are saving time then we are earning money.

  3. Adopt The Lean Method, Launch Your MVP, And Start Testing:
  4. We must launch a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) rather than fully loaded and robust product. There are so many works during production and post production, we have to collect the data, and how the people are using and what is the reaction. During this phase we can test the product and develop it more quality product.

    By following the scrum method we can iterate and improve the quality of product.  As a mobile app development company, we must take feedback from the users during this time. 

  5. Consider Hybrid Mobile Development Solutions:
  6. As the technology is changing we have so many tools and applications which can build a mobile app for different operating system with the same codebase. There are tools like Xamarin, Ionic, Phonegap these applications can build hybrid applications which saves time.

    By this mobile app development service we can help our client better with minimum cost and limited timeline. There are some drawbacks in hybrid app but the app can be quickly make a way into the market.

  7. Offload Non-Core Activities:
  8. When the app is built we must focus on customer engagement activities. There are so many tools and platforms which can be used and does not need any coding, which can save time and money both.

  9. Outsource Non-Core App Development Features:
  10. Outsourcing can solve many of the problems which come into the development phase. Some level of coding needs some expertise which can be outsourced for efficiency. Sometimes Outsourcing can help you in many ways.

    Outsourcing some add-on features or a version control for a product can help a lot and it helps you to improve your timeline.

  11. Set Up Automated Testing To Ensure App Security:
  12. App security is the most important factor in developing and releasing the product. For minimize time and efforts we can automate the testing of application. By automating the test you can run things simultaneously and improve the features and security of application.

    Appium is open source software and it is very good to test the application. It can be used for native and hybrid mobile app.

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