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We use different websites and web applications everyday and these web apps have cool features. We wonder that how they work so smoothly and connect to different accounts and send message to mobile numbers and numerous things they do with a single click. When a web developer builds an application the developer always want to build a top notch application, and there are many technologies which can improve the functionalities of your web app and any web developer can use it in their application.

  1. APIs for connecting users various accounts: We use many apps and all apps require your account, when we have many accounts it is somewhat difficult to manage. There are many APIs which we can use in the web app and it can solve the problem. Every top web developer knows how to integrate API in application. API can be integrated in mobile app as well as web applications.
    Web or app developer can integrate different apps into one app and the app can take their data. Like many fitness or running apps can connect to Google music and other music application with a single click.
  2. Use authentication for signing in and sign up: As the APIs are improving the framework like OAuth 2.0 provides the best of the feature. It allows the user to sign up or login from your Social media account or email account in a web app. It reduces the complexity to remember login id and password for every account and application. It is easy and safe, the developer and stakeholders mainly use Facebook, Google API for this functionality.
  3. Communicate with Customers via SMS: Every business needs to communicate with their customers and SMS is a very useful and efficient thing to communicate. There are many APIs for SMS which can be used in web app or mobile app. It is used for sending OTP, ticket information, confirmation message, promotional messages etc. There are many companies in the market which provides SMS API.
  4. Integrate Live Chat or Chatbot: The customers have many questions when they come to any website, they need to know many things and they have a lot of questions in their mind. Any top developer or a web development service company will suggest their stakeholders to use a live chat or chatbot api, because it can increase the ROI and decrease TAT. The customers can easily chat with the customer support and they can solve the customer queries. This API is very useful and efficient. It improves the quality of website.
  5. Personalize interactions from the customized content: We always wonder what we have seen or searched on amazon we see the related items in the recommendation. When we purchase a book we see the related or recommended book of that genre in the recommendation box. Those content are dynamic and smart content. This is the HTML code behind that movable content which changes according to the demographics and behavior.
  6. Location wise content: Now day’s location tagging or geo location are very famous because people can grab the location information. Now when we visit a website to find a restaurant the website or app automatically detect the user location and suggest the automated result. These API are very helpful for business as well as customers. It provides the effective result on homepage so you don’t have to roam in the web app and find the result.
  7. Search options for smart search: Search is a most important component of a website by which the user can easily navigate the site. But what about Smart search and what it provides in the UX of the website. Smart search improves the user experience it improves the User search options with filtration. Smart search take user where they want to go and what exactly they need.
  8. Improve the traffic by recommending related items on the website: There are many APIs which improve the search result by recommending the same and related items which you have searched before on a website. It tailors the data when you visit the website. And improve the growth of your business by improving the sales.
    These functionalities can be added by a data scientist because it needs some research and development work. It includes big data and hadoop.
  9. Take benefit of Push Notification: We use mobile browser or desktop browser to search or browse the things and to use internet. We often get some notification to allow the content on the browser these notifications for content are push notification. Push Notification APIs are very popular now days, it notify when the website has updated some content and the API will notify you on the browser. There is option for turn on or off notification.

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