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There is always a continuous discussion that which device is better IOS or Android, I will say both devices are better but it depends upon the usage of device or phone. It mostly depends upon how you use, where you use and for what purpose you are using. Mobile technology is growing day by day and it has covered all the sectors.

Now, every industry is using enterprise application for their work. Enterprise application development is a trend and it is gradually becoming necessity as the companies have started the concept of Bring your own device. The purpose of enterprise app development is to be on the same page with secured data transition. Because data security and smooth operation of data is important in every organization, so the company always prefer the best in the market which have proven ability in security with the latest technology.

When we discuss on Android and IOS we have many points to discuss:

  1. Open Vs Closed Source: Android is an open source platform whereas IOS is a closed source platform with better and improved security features. Every organization needs the system which is more robust and secure where their internal and confidential data cannot be hacked and vulnerable to cyber theft.
  2. Security and reliability: If you want to enter into the app store of apple, there is a lengthy and stringent process which defines the security and development language of application, whereas android doesn’t have that lengthy process to upload the application on android play store. This point can characterize the security and reliability of both platforms.
  3. Business and Enterprise Application: IOS app developers are more experienced in developing IOS Applications in comparison to Android app developers. IOS is supporting a large number of business houses.
  4. Operating System and Devices: Android devices are extremely uneven in stand to IOS. Apple develops its operating system and devices simultaneously. It is in both business of device and OS whereas Android or Google mainly develop its OS and related applications not devices. They only develop their pixel devices with OS.
    So, it can be said that there can be some version difference between devices and OS, and it may risk the enterprise app developers to develop an application for Android. And when it comes to iphone the risk can be easily eliminated.
  5. Compatibility and Usability: The above points can prove that for Enterprise app development the IOS devices works bests with their proven abilities in devices their OS and their security features. Android have the benefits to use and Android app developers has the ability to develop any kind of applications, but due to some features which are enhancing the IOS devices, they are commonly used for enterprise applications.

Now, it is totally depends upon the organization and company norms either they can hire android app developer or an IOS app developer to build their enterprise application. Ultimately security and data transition are the most important factor for an organization.

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