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The cost to develop cab booking mobile app depends on the various factors such as design and development, features and functionality of app. As cab booking market have high competition so businesses required a mobile app that have latest features and functionalities to survive in this competitive market.

Today, you can book a cab from anywhere without worrying about cost, traffic, and parking space, etc. In cab facility, you can enjoy experience of personal car without bearing expenses of having own car. As per the high demand in cab services, many companies are planning to develop their own cab booking services.

How Uber Works?

Uber is top leading company in transportation cab services market. Uber was founded in 2009 by “Garrett Camp” and “Travis Kalanick”. It is a largest cab services provider worldwide and also offers food-delivery, package delivery, etc.

Uber have around 110 million active customers worldwide. Offers different type of vehicle and service packages.

Cab booking app works on 5 basic steps:

Step 1: Booking request from passengers to drivers nearby.

Step 2: Acceptance and rejection by drivers. In case of rejection, request sent to another driver.

Step 3: Starting the ride. Cab tracking on map and estimate time of travel.

Step 4: Customer can pay through various payment options such as Wallets, UPI or cashless    payment.

Step 5: Giving ratings & reviews after ride gets end.


How to Make Cab Booking App like Uber?

Technical audit & research

  • > First, you have to think about the app business idea, revenue generation process and market analysis.
  • > Gather requirements for app development and identify better ways to create the product.
  • > Develop project roadmap/flowchart and define work scope.
  • > Set budget for app development.

Cab booking app documentation:

  • > Design app architecture and create technical specification of app functionality.
  • > Create the app/project requirements that describe the behavior of app, its features and functions.

Development of app:

  • > Decide the development platform.
  • > Divide your app project into tasks.
  • > Develop the app with each task based on priority.
  • > After that developer perform unit testing to find errors in the app
  • > After successful testing on system it will move to the next phase.

App deployment:

  • > Deploy app on Play Store, App store or other app marketplaces.
  • > Deploy app to the live environment and ensure that the app is running properly on all devices.

Technical support:

  • > Get support from development team for any kind of error in app.
  • > You can improve your app functionality with new features.
  • > New versions of Android and iOS releases new versions of operating system that impact app functionality.


Must have Features in Cab Booking Mobile App

There are many features that should be in a cab booking mobile app that are listed below and don’t forget to develop different apps for both passenger & driver and an admin panel to control all the apps and its services.

Passenger App:

  1. Registration/Login
  2. Profile
  3. Wallet
  4. Pick and drop locations
  5. Select Cab type
  6. Fare estimation calculator
  7. Book a ride
  8. View ride details
  9. Payments
  10. Cab tracking
  11. Emergency calling option
  12. Notifications
  13. Driver review and rating
  14. Offers
  15. Ride history
  16. Help &Support

Driver App:

  1. Registration/Login
  2. Profile
  3. Driver delivery reports
  4. Navigation
  5. Pick up and drop destinations
  6. Navigation
  7. Notifications
  8. Accept/Cancel rides
  9. View payments
  10. Withdraw earning
  11. Help & Support

Admin Panel:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Manage customers
  3. Manage drivers
  4. Promo code management
  5. Rental package management
  6. Advertisements and promotions
  7. Content management


Cost to develop Cab Booking Mobile App

Now come to the costing part. The costing to develop mobile app depends on various factors such as development platform, features & functions of app, and the developers cost.

Android and iOS both are most using mobile operating systems worldwide. So, you need to build mobile app that can run on both. It will make your cost higher.

As per Statista, developers cost varies due to the location:

  • > North America — $60-$250 per hour
  • > United Kingdom — $60-$150 per hour
  • > Western Europe — $40-$120 per hour
  • > Eastern Europe — $20-$100 per hour
  • > India — $20-$80 per hour


The average cost to develop mobile app for cab booking services would be about $10K-$20K.

**Calculated with Indian development cost**



So, if you are going to start your business and want to be successful in the market then you have to work on business strategies, marketing campaigns and provide your customers a high-quality cab service. You should create a simple and scalable model for your business like Uber and you should also develop an app that meets your customer expectation.

To determine to the cost to develop cab booking mobile app, you need to decide some aspects:

  • > Market demand and Business model for app
  • > List of features
  • > Decide Development Platform
  • > App budget

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