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How to develop Fantasy game app like My Dream 11?

The features and functionalities of fantasy sports game app development are summarized into three points: Participant Panel, Admin Panel and advanced features

By partnering with a professional mobile app development team, you can develop a fantasy mobile app that attracts your target audience and results profitable for your Fantasy sports business. Choosing a team of experts is essential for creating a superior- quality innovative app.

develop fantasy game app

Fantasy Sports market Overview

Sports has an extremely high fan following across the globe. Every sport has a different fan base and sports addicts are going crazy day by day. Over the period of time, the fans have come forward with different ways to express their love and engagement in their favourite sport like inking tattoos of their favourite sportsperson, wearing customized sports outfits, creating unique hashtags in their social media posts are some of the ways fans have exhibited their craziness to the sports industry. In this digital world, sports fans have showcased their interests in sports engagement through mobile apps. Fantasy Sports App runs  has a simple agenda, “Get paid for the right guess!”

Fantasy Sports Apps are the most demanded apps among youngsters nowadays and offers a good scope for business owners to invest in.

Fantasy Sports Market Analysis

develop sports fantasy app

What features and functionalities are required to develop fantasy game app?

Participants Panel

Contestant Registration: The users can register in the app by creating their logging credentials which include username, email id, contact no. and password. There could also be the option to use ‘Referral Code’, if referral codes are used as marketing tools.

Home Screen: Home screen is the first screen users will land on when they login to the app. The users can apply various filter options like Sports type, Match Category, Tournament names, and more. Once the user chose the match from the listing, he/she will be redirected to the contest screen.

develop fantasy game app

Contest: Here users can browse the contest listings for respective matches and can apply different filters like entry fee, winning amount, size of contest, contest type, and more. Users can also see the winning criteria, team count, choose their desired contest and then join.

Join Contest: In this section,  users will be required to pay the entry fees in order to join the contest.

Payment Mode: Different payment modes are such as Credit/Debit Card, in-app, wallet, Referral cash bonus points are offered to users.

Create your own contest:  The users can also create their own contest by acknowledging the details that include Name of Contest, Content Winning amount, size of the contest (Generally minimum 2 and maximum 100), Set Yes/No to allow multiple teams, fix entree fees ( Though entry fees depend on total price amount and content size), send an invitation to friends to join the contest.

My Contest: In this section, users can view the names of joined contestants, edit their selected team players, filter search by type of match, upcoming match, live match and see results. Also, users can update the team players before match time, only before a certain time duration.

Dashboard (My Profile): In this section, users can view as well as update their profile details. This section includes the user’s reward points, account details- total balance, winning amount, cash bonus. Also, user can view the transaction, manage payments, Withdraw winning amount,  Add Cash, Add bank account details and pan card detail, view ranking, Invite & earn referral amount, and Logout.

Settings: Here users can view the other requisite features of the app. Such features may include:

  1. Invite & Earn: Users will share app URL and referral code to their friends with app link to download from Google play store or Apple Store. When joining the contest using a referral code-provided by the user, the joinee will get a bonus amount in the app wallet. The user will also be rewarded with a cash bonus into their app wallet at the time when their referred friends join the contest. Both the cash bonus and reward points will be managed by the system owners.
  2. CMS section: In this section, you will find About us, Contact Us, Point System and Help section.

Admin Panel

Admin login: The  Admin has to login to the app using email id or username and password.

Dashboard: This screen will provide detailed statistics of fields such as total Matches- Upcoming, Ongoing, Played Matches), Total  Number of Contestant, and Total  Earnings.

User Manager: From here, Admin can edit/delete/add/Activate/Deactivate accounts, and easily manage entire user account.

Manage matches: From this section, admin can Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate matches and also manage the entire matches of the application.

Manage Games Category: From this section, Admin can manage the different categories of games.

Contest Manager: Admin will able to manage entire match contests of the application and can Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate match contest.

Earnings: Admin can view the entire earning using various filter options.

Manage Payment: Admin will able to manage the various payment modes of the application.

Manage Reward Points: Admin can manage the Reward Points offered to the users.

Manage Cash bonus: Admin will be able to manage the cash bonus offered to the participants.

Manage Reports: Admin can also generate important reports such as Contest reports,  Match reports, Contestant reports, Player Ranking reports, and earnings reports.

Manage Bank Withdraw request: Admin will able to view the request made by the contestant for withdrawing their winning amount preferred account. Admin is authorized to view, approve or reject the withdrawal request, Accept/Reject bank detail and Pan card detail, View Approved and Rejected Contestant list, transfer the winning amount to the contestant.

Manage CMS pages: Admin can manage different sections including  About Us, Contact Us, Help, and more.

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List of some additional features required for fantasy sport app development:

  1. Live Match Score
  2. Live Score API Integration:
  3. CRM integration
  4. Push Notification
  5. Real-time Analytics
  6. GPS Location Tracking
  7. Custom Mail Reminder System
  8. Payment System

Why invest in Fantasy Sports Game App Development?

develop fantasy game app
Increasing Trend of Mobile Apps

develop fantasy game app

Cost  to develop Fantasy game App

A team of experienced developers is essential for successful mobile app development. An individual team member cannot perform complex mobile app development tasks. Let’s see how much these fantasy sports app developers cost?  What are the different criteria they work on?

The basic team to develop fantasy sports app consists of five entities that their collaborative work can make the project a win-win deal.

1. Project Manager

The one who sees the entire process from the project beginning to its deployment. Updating the client on current project status is taken in-charged by Project Manager. Project Manager is actually an intermediate between the team and the client and the one who is responsible to look at every stage of the project, makes the completion on or before deadlines within the prefixed budget.

2. Designers

The designers work is to make sure the app has rich UI/UX, looks attractive and easy to use. From colour combinations to the arrangement of the buttons as per user’s preferences, the designers are whole sole responsible for the application’s design and structure.

3. Developer

A developer is the main person who adds great functionalities to the mobile app.

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4. Back-end developer

After the mobile application development, it is very crucial to check the app’s compatibility with the database. The back-end developer keeps the close check on the app connectivity with the database and server.

5. Tester

A Quality Analyst checks the quality of code sections and makes every small check to assure the app is free from any bugs and errors.

Team Member Hourly Cost
Project Manager $20+
Designer $30+
Developer $25+
Back End Developer $15+
Tester $20+


Please note: The above-mentioned price table is just to give a pricing overview. The fantasy sports game app development charges are subject to the app’s complexity and various other factors.

Factors Affecting the Cost of an Fantasy Game App

A rich user interface has higher chances to result in a successful app.The mobile app designs include logos, wireframes, visual, colour combinations, etc. The cost of App designing plays a vital role in total cost estimation. The factors affecting  the cost to develop a fantasy game app are as follows:

1. Geography

The developer rates or the cost charged by mobile app development company depends on the location of the developer/development company. Comparing to Indian fantasy sports app developers, the US developer costs quite high. The cost for the designers and developers varies from country to country.

2. Complexity

More the features and basic as well as advanced functionalities you demand in the fantasy game application, higher will be the app’s complexity. And developing high-end complex apps require a brilliant mind and expertise and therefore, the complex apps lead to increased charges by mobile app development company/ developers.

3. Android/iOS

Generally, the cost of  Android app development is less than the cost of iOS development. And the cost of cross-platform fantasy game app is high.


In this blog, we have provided details about the fantasy game app’s features and functionalities. The fantasy sports game app development process is not easy if handled by an inexperienced team. Fantasy sports mobile apps have a great scope for investment in the present and coming days. The demand for fantasy app development will definitely rise in the next five years. However, you need to focus on the list of features and hire experienced fantasy sports app development company to create branded fantasy sports application that rules the fantasy gaming industry.

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