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The growth of web development with Django is rising rapidly. Choosing the best framework is the most challenging task with web development. There are several frameworks for web development but Django is one of the frameworks that offers out-of-the-box features like high-level performance, readability, scalability, flexibility, and more.

In today’s world, there is a huge demand in web development with this skill and it is quite difficult to find a company that provides python web development services. In this article, we’ll know about what is Django, why it is so popular, and why you should choose Django for web development.


What is Django?

Django is a Python-based web-development framework developed by Django Software Foundation. It was developed in 2003 and publicly released in 2005. It is an open-source web framework that worked on MVC (model-view-controller) pattern. The main goal of Django is to reduce the complexity of web projects.

In Django you can use the existing code there is no need to write the new one. Django also provides other features like admin panels, authentication support, libraries support, file-upload support, etc. In Django, you can work on the back-end as well as front-end.


Why Django is Better for Web Development?




Excellent Documentation

It has well-structured documentation compare to other web framework technologies. Good documentation helps to understand concepts of programming well.


Fast & Simple

Django runs on python programming so it reduces the complexity of programming and provides maintainable code. Shortcode provides faster execution. Django provides rapid development that means you don’t need extra files for each task. You can perform multiple tasks at a time.


By Default Admin Panel:

Creating the admin panel manually takes a lot of time but in Django admin panel will be created by default by Python code. You can manage all things from there easily. You can change the interface of the dashboard by using third-party resources.



The security of web applications is on top priority. For this Django provides different tools to fix security problems. Some security features are:

  • >  Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection.
  • >  Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection.
  • >  SQL injection protection.
  • >  Clickjacking protection.
  • >  Session security.
  • >  SSL/HTTPS.
  • >  Host header validation.


SEO-Friendly Framework

You can generate SEO friendly URLs with relevant keywords. As python provides good human-readable structure so it will make it easier to recognize the website by the search engine. Django provides various libraries for SEO to optimize Meta description and Meta title etc.


Extensive Libraries Support

Like other programming languages, Django has a large collection of libraries. Developers can use those libraries to build APIs, manage website content, and manage third-party authentication, registration, and account management.


When to use Django?

  • >  For developing a web app/API
  • >  For faster deployment and program execution
  • >  To build a secure web application
  • >  To reduce the complexity of programming
  • >  For code maintainability
  • >  Need to use a scalable and reliable framework
  • >  Don’t want to work with the database directly and need ORM support
  • >  When you want to build a customizable web app such as social media

 Popular Websites Developed on Django:

  • >  Mozilla
  • >  BitBucket
  • >  Udemy
  • >  Pinterest
  • >  Spotify
  • >  Instagram
  • >  Disqus
  • >  NASA
  • >  The Onion

Popularity Growth and Job Market


This graph is showing the percentage of questions on stack overflow. As we can see in the graph the popularity of Django is more than other frameworks. Artificial Intelligence in web development has increased the demand for this framework. So, we can say that the growth of web development with Django has a bright future.


The companies are looking for candidates that are good at writing code. In this Django/Python developers are on top priority. Django is leading in the job market and jobs in Django web development are also increasing with their popularity.


If you are looking for a framework that is easy to use, execute programs faster, code reusability, and security, etc. then Django will be the best choice. The future growth of web development with Django is increasing as time passes.

If you have an idea to add features like machine learning and data science then Django is the most suitable platform as it has libraries and other support.

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