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In every big city, there is a need for an on-demand parking app solution because of the rising vehicle sales and an increasing trend of urbanization. With a large number of vehicles, it becomes more time-consuming to find a parking space. The rapid development of commercial spaces plays a major role in the growth of smart parking on-demand app development.

Growth of On-demand Parking App Solution

In today’s world, the on-demand parking app solution has found a definite parking space in most of the urban cities. As per IoT Analytics research, 11% of public car parking spaces are now smart across the globe.

On-demand parking apps have great opportunities in the current time because the users can search and reserve parking slots easily at low cost. The non-cash payment smart feature helps the users to avoid getting parking tickets every time.

According to Market Research Future, the global parking apps industry will reach about $7 billion by 2023.


How do the Parking Finder App works?

The smart parking finder app provides a solution to the drivers for search parking spaces in a city. It also offers a hassle-free experience with endless features.


There are 6 basic steps to use a parking finder app:

  1. Search – Track your car by using GPS (Global Positioning System) or by entering the address manually.
  2. Compare – Compare all parking spots based on price and distance from your location.
  3. Reserve/Booking – Reserve the parking spot and get access to a unique code.
  4. Payment – Make an online payment to confirm your booking.
  5. Driving – The app will help to reach your parking spot with the help of navigation.
  6. Parking – In the last step, park your car at your parking spot.


Problem Faced by People While Traveling

There are some common problems that people faced while they travel:

  • > Parking problem. Where to park?
  • > Sometimes parking gets full
  • > High-cost parking rate
  • > It’s not easy to find a parking area without any parking finder app

Modules of Smart Parking App

User Panel


  1. Register

In this feature, the user can create an account with personal details. Users can manage their profiles. Sign in through social media account could be the additional feature.

  2. Track vehicle location

This feature allows the on-demand parking app to track your vehicle location so that it can suggest the nearest parking space to the user.

  3. Search

The search option provides available parking options according to the user’s preferred location.

  4. Arrival and Departure time

Users can provide the arrival and departure time so that the parking app can show an estimated cost of parking for a particular parking space.

  5. Booking

Schedule booking is the most important feature of the parking booking app. By this feature, the users can reserve the parking slot in advance.

  6. Payments

The users can make payments in advance or after the service. Payment can be made through various payment options.

  7. Parking History

The users can see parking history that they have used and how much they had spent on parking.

  8. Ratings and Reviews

This is the most important feature of the parking app. Users can give feedback after the service. It will help the parking spot owner and app owner to make better services and improvements.


Parking Owner Panel


  1. Registration

Like all registration features, the parking slot owners can register on the parking finder app with their relevant information or using social login.

  2. Add Parking Spaces

With this feature parking slot owners can add or remove parking spaces from the app.

  3. Manage Parking Rates

Parking slot owners can manage parking rates based on time duration, type of vehicle, and demand for parking spaces at a particular time.

  4. Manage Bookings

The parking space owners can check both current booking or advance booking.

  5. Accept Payments

An integrated payment system allows the parking space owners to accept payments from the users.

This digital payment option makes the parking mobile app development more reliable and preferable for both businesses and users.

  6. Ratings and Reviews

The Parking owners can receive ratings and reviews about their own parking services from the users. It will help to make improvements in parking services.


Admin Panel


  1. User Management

The admin can track user’s activities, number of users, history, payment transaction, etc.

  2. Manage Payments

The admin can track all payments of users and the parking owners.

  3. Manage Bookings

The admin can reject and accept parking requests based on the availability of parking space and parking rates.

  4. Parking Management

This is an essential feature for the admin. The admin can manage parking slot owner related information like registration of the parking space and parking fees.

  5. Manage Offers

The admin can use this option to manage offers like discounts, loyalty programs, etc.

  6. Reports

In this, the admin can access essentials reports like the number of reservation requests, parking charges, parking locations, etc.


Examples of On-demand Parking App Solution

  • > Parkopedia
  • > BestParking
  • > Parker
  • > SpotHero
  • > ParkMe
  • > Parking Mate
  • > Parking Panda
  • > ParkWhiz

Develop On-demand parking finder app

You need to check lots of features to develop an on-demand parking finder app. After deciding, you need to look for the costing to develop an on-demand parking app. Look for the user’s needs and what features will make your app more efficient and usable.

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