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“In this article, you will know about the features and processes to create on-demand pediatric app solution and why the on-demand medical care app is having a higher growth rate during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

What is Pediatrics?

Pediatrics is the part of medical science that deals with the medical care and health of children, infants, and adolescents from birth up to the age of 18 years. Abraham Jacobi is the father of pediatrics. Pediatrics is derived from two Greek words that mean “the healer of children”.

Present Scenario

Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s lifestyle across the globe. According to the report by Updox, 42% of Americans are using TeleHealth services after the Covid-19 pandemic began. It has increased the demand for apps like the pediatric on-demand app, on-demand doctor app, online medical care app, etc.

How Child Care On-Demand App Work?

  1. Download the app
  2. Describe your children disease
  3. Choose a doctor to consult
  4. Make payment
  5. Connect with the doctor via video call or chat

On-demand medical care apps provide real-time and quality health care services without going anywhere. Normally the Pediatrician doctors are available at a particular time but most of the apps provide 24*7 support.

What Online Pediatrics Treats?

  • > Childhood nutrition
  • > Cough/Cold/Fever
  • > Headache
  • > Childhood asthma
  • > Bed-wetting
  • > Stomach issues
  • > Diarrhea
  • > Infections & injuries
  • > Pain in Stomach
  • > Lose Motion/Constipation
  • > Growth & development concerns
  • > Hair and skin problems in children
  • > Skin disorders
  • > Dental problems
  • > Eye problems
  • > Anxiety and irrational behavior
  • > Diet and Nutrition
  • > Psychological disorders and mental growth

Components of on-demand Pediatric App

Basically, it consists three basic components:


  1. Patients App

  • > Search Doctors
  • > Fix Appointments
  • > Appointment Reminders
  • > Chat or Video Call Option
  • > Delivery of Prescription
  • > Payments

  2. Doctor App

  • > Accept or Reject Appointments
  • > Chat or Video Call Option
  • > Payments

  3. Admin Panel

  • > Manage Doctors
  • > Manage Patients
  • > Availability Checking

Core Features of on-demand Pediatric App

An online medical care app should have the following features:

  1. Book online appointments
  2. Chat or video call with doctors
  3. Order online medicines
  4. Get online prescription
  5. Make/Receive Payments
  6. Get health tips and health plans
  7. Maintain digital health records
  8. 24*7 support

Develop an on-demand pediatric app

There are some basic steps to develop a pediatric on-demand app:



  1. Create Project Plan

Initially, you need to create a project plan to get an on-demand pediatric app solution. You need to prepare a list of features and functions of the app. Analyze the market needs and analyze your competitor’s app to know about the features.


  2.  Get a Quote

Prepare your budget estimate to develop your app. Choose a mobile app development company. There might be some factors that you have not prepared so, your budget needs to be flexible.


  3. Create Project Scope

After discussed all the requirements, an NDA (Non-Disclose Agreement) will be signed to keep your idea safe. After that, a project scope will be created that will consist of the technologies, features, and timeline of the development.

The development team will use this project scope to complete your on-demand pediatric app development.


  4. Start Development

As the development phase is an important part of any app development. You can take mockups and prototypes from the designing team. After your approval, app development will be started by the development team.

The quality analyst team is responsible to test your app. The process of finding bugs and fix them will be repeated until all the features are developed and tested.


  5. Launch App

After completing all the steps, now your app is ready to launch in the market. You can launch it in any market place like Google PlayStore, Apple AppStore, etc.

Don’t forget to take development-related documents and data like databases, credentials, mockups, designs, and wireframes, etc.


Since the Covid-19 crisis, telehealth services have increased. The on-demand medical care app offers a list of doctors as per your selected region. Users can find doctors by name, experience, fees, specialty, and locations. There is no need to join a long queue you can easily consult with the doctor by using online health care app.

Discuss your idea with us and get the best on-demand pediatric app solution from our experts.

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