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Looking for mobile app redesigning services?

A design which looked beautiful yesterday looks outdated today. Designs or solutions that were appreciated once become obsolete with the development of new technology. Today’s youth doesn’t like to dress up in old-fashioned clothes or accessories unless they are ready to face criticism from the people around.

Similar is the case with mobile apps. If a mobile application is running on an old UI, there are good chances that users will criticize it as their expectations are continuously increasing. 

As the renowned mobile application development company, A2ZFame is always looking forward to seeing how users are responding to a redesigned app. Over the last years, we’ve provided mobile app redesigning services to many of our prestigious clients and we noticed the positive result for both the user and business. 

mobile application redesigning services

The process followed by A2Zfame for Mobile App Redesigning Services

Step 1: Understand the Client’s Business Goals

The first step we follow is to ask the client why they are redesigning their app. Generally, we try to understand the reason via the below set of questions:

  • Is it because of the change in user experience trends?
  • Do you want to redesign because you’ve launched a new feature/functionality?
  • Do you want to redesign because your competitors are offering better app experience?

Once you have examined the reasons behind the mobile app redesigning services, the mobile app design team pours their creativity to build a more intuitive and user-friendly app.

Step 2: Communicate with Users

Although many mobile app development companies don’t take this step into consideration while redesigning app but we focus to communicate with the users of the app. At this stage, the designers already know what exactly they are expected to perform and communicating with the existing and potential app users and learning their expectations can add value to the new app’s design structure.

Step 3: Evaluate Customer Reviews & Feedback

If your app has been in the hands of real people for a few months, it’s likely that you have data. Some of this data will be quantitative (e.g., stats on in-app usage and engagement) while some will be qualitative (e.g., reviews and messages).

Compile all this data and look for trends.

  • Do you notice that lots of users are complaining about a specific feature?
  • Are users asking how to update a specific element of their account?
  • Are users tapping a specific button when they’re trying to select something else?

As you compile these insights, it’s critical that you share them with your team. To make sure everyone is on the same page, have the research team present their findings to the people who will actually be implementing the redesign. This ensures that the design team is well aware of the priorities that have been established by both the company and the users.

Step 4: Assess customers Feedback & Reviews

  • Do you observe that users are complaining about a specific feature?
  • Are they asking you to update a specific element of the app?

If your native application has been used by real people for a few weeks or months, you can gauge some real data like no. of app users, customer engagement rate, reviews, messages, etc. Ou research team compiles all these qualitative and quantitative data and study the trends and share with the mobile app development team. The design team considers all these points, set up the users priorities and accordingly redesigns the application.

Step 5: Enforce Changes To The App’s Look & The User Experience

A mobile app redesign should deliver a lasting impact on the brand and the business. When Facebook redesigned its website and app, they made some extraordinary changes.  After reaching millions of users and offering ample of new features, the brand realised that it is not serving its full potential to users via mobile app. They redesigned the web app with extended features and the users happily accepted it.

mobile app redesigning services

Mobile app designs, brand logos evolve deep connections with people, so don’t just change the design for the sake of being innovative.

Step 6: Test your redesign with users

After creating a few variations of the app’s redesign, you should follow approaches to get feedback from existing users or prospective users to gain insight where further refinement is required. This research will help to receive authentic feedback, improve the chances of a successful redesign launch.

Step 7: Observe Usage and User Response after launch

After researching, designing and developing a new design, its time to launch. We initially used customers feedback before redesigning the app, similarly, we need to review the new data after the app’s launch to make sure the redesigning goals are achieved. To evaluate the redesigning was successful, check the goals you previously marked before starting the project and check whether you achieved it or not. 

  • Is there an increase in user base?
  • Did the customer engagement rate increase?
  •  Are there more positive reviews and feedbacks in the app store?
  • Is your brand experiencing growth?

You need to focus on the data and feedback from the very beginning not only examine whether the redesign was a success but also to discover more opportunities and find out areas of improvement.

Benefits of opting App Redesigning Services from A2ZFame

If done right, an app redesign brings immense benefits to the brand as well as business. The major ones include happier customers and rise in sales. And your happy customers can publicize your brand without any investment and become your brand ambassadors undirectly, spreading the good word about your business, attracting more users, and driving more conversions and sales. Let’s discuss some benefits of mobile app redesigning in detail.

mobile app redesigning services

Increased conversions

When your app offers users with an easy and quick way to settle their challenges, they’ll happily use it. And if your app dissatisfies your customers, users will simply leave the app.

 Getting your app redesigned with professional mobile app designers, you can not only experience increased conversions but more satisfied customers too.

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More users

An app with advanced features and functionality is loved by users but if it lacks intuitive and up-to-date design, users may stop using it after a certain time. Modern customers browse dozens of digital products each day and they are aware of app design trends. An obsolete design can make your app fail.

That’s why it is crucial to building a beautiful design for your business. 

In 2018, Reddit introduced an impressive redesign with a card-based feed. After a year,  the platform recorded a 30% increase in monthly active users. 

The redesigning services provided by A2ZFame’s professionals ensure a rise in more app users than before the redesign.

More Loyal Customers

Modern users expect their queries to be heard and resolved at the earliest. Sometimes, they experience unexpected hurdles while using the application and or thoroughly dislike the app’s design. When such a situation occurs, a timely or immediate response to feedback helps to build long-lasting relationships with customers. 

If a new app’s design removes the app’s complexity and solves the problems reported by the users, it can increase the loyal customer base.

Is it the right time to opt mobile app redesigning services?

Prior to going for mobile app redesigning service, it is always recommended to double-check that is is the right time to give a new visual appearance to your app.  The below point covers the signs that when your app needs UI/UX transformation and optimization.

Hike in Users Complaint about your app

While reading customer reviews on App Store or Google Play or going through support emails,  you notice certain red flags:

  1. Low app ratings-  3 stars or less  
  2. Too many negative reviews from old and new app users
  3. Similar kind of problems shared by different users in their reviews
  4. Angry comments/messages on social networks

Carefully work on negative comments and deeply analyze them to understand the elements of the UI/UX design that requires to be changed and what specific features need improvements and features that are doing okay.

When Your conversion rate starts diminishing

You might be experiencing scenario when you observe your sales and conversions are less than expected, the cart abandonment rate is increasing (in case of eCommerce apps), and there’s less growth of your user base. In such cases, your app’s UX needs immediate repair. 

Let’s see how an app redesign may give a bounce to your conversion rate. Recently we redesigned an app client that helps users improve their eating habits. 

After a detailed analysis of the existing app design, we concluded that the app had a complex registration process and it was time-consuming too. Also, the number of daily active users was less than the expectations, as the food logging screen was not interesting. 

To fix the registration process issue, we updated the app’s UX and made a single screen registration with fewer fields, made it more engaging and user-friendly. This leads to an increase in the percentage of completed registrations and we made the food logging screen more interactive, leading an increase in daily active users. 

So, when you experience a fall in conversion rates than the previous rates or the expected rate, consider this as an alarm for mobile app redesigning services.

When looking for a new target audience

When you make the huge decision to attract or put the focus on a new audience, you should be ready with a new product vision and competitive marketing strategy. This will involve new app design requirements that will likely be different from your current ones. 

When you’ve rebranded your company

Rebranding your business requires redesigning the app as well to stay in tune with your brand’s style and goals. When you develop a new concept in your existing business demanding some serious functionality updates, there is a requirement for app redesign. 

Wrapping it up!

Mobile app redesign can do wonders if implemented strategically. The benefits of mobile app redesign are no longer a secret. But to gain the maximum benefits, the mind of creative professionals, experienced developers and research analysts is required. If your current mobile app is facing issues, feel free to contact us, we’ll offer the best suggestions that can bring valuable changes to your app as well as business.

mobile app redesigning services

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