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Mobile apps are touching every industry. There is no industry which is untouched by this revolution in information technology. As the fashion industry is growing day by day the fashion industry has seen the same kind of growth. According to studies has taken a growth of 3.5% in 2017, which was 3.1% in 2016, and as we know the increment of uses of smart phones in the market which has been increased by 3.9% in 2016. These fast paced industries have influenced every industry and it has a great influence over fashion industry.

The trends are always changes at a fast pace in fashion industry, and the people always want to be updated in their fashion statement. The era of e Commerce and m Commerce has taken a huge impact on this industry. Now designers can easily reach out to customers and the availability of designer clothes for people has been increased.

There are some points which can tell you how mobile apps are influencing the fashion industry.

  1. Increasing loyalty of customers who are using app: When a person installed an app for shopping then he will open that app whenever he wants to search for some fashion statement. Mobiles are handy, so the customers always give priority to the app. Apps give them notifications for new trends and offers. He/she can get the information in details about the product which he was unable to recollect from a sales person.
    Mobile app developers can add more of the features and make it more interactive and through this customers can easily reach and tell what they need.
  2. Emerging technology like body scanning: Now mobile app developers and mobile app Development Company are focusing on AI and other new technologies. One of the problems which customers were facing of their size during shopping now the app developer has taken a step ahead and add the technology of scanning your body which automatically gets your size and you can easily choose the clothes of your preference.
  3. Apps are Mandatory for Designers and Store Owners: Now days, if you want to be in race you have to keep upgrading yourself. Now everyone is using app so every designer have apps and mobile app development companies are helping them to make their app easily. Mobile apps can create a brand and retain the customer loyalty.
  4. Reaching wide market: Mobile apps are helping the designer to reach vast audience and to reach a wide market. Now people from anywhere can install the app and use it. If you have some niche category you can make it into the app and customers can easily get in touch with the designer or store owner.
  5. Social Media is a boon for designers: Social media integration in to the app can help the designer to interact with the customers. The mobile app development company also provides the facility of social media marketing. The designer or store owner can upload their photos on social media, and the customers and other designers also get the latest trend and information.
  6. Allows Customer to Upgrade his Wardrobe: Fashion dedicated mobile apps can help you to choose the new style statement for your wardrobe, when you want to upgrade the wardrobe. You can get the notification of latest trends which can influence you to upgrade to new wardrobe.
  7. Mobile apps are also managing the store: Mobile apps are huge, and the mobile app Development Company and mobile app developers can give you more ideas on how you can manage the store. It is a very big advantage to the fashion store if you can manage the store by the app. You can check out the inventory and accounts easily. The mobile app and web app can be integrated so you can do a lot. And mobile app Development Company can help you in this.

So, we can say you should have an app; it’s a must if you want to be in the market and get in touch with your customers easily.

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