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Table of Contents

  1. What is Salesforce?
  2. What is Salesforce Integration?
  3. Benefits of Salesforce Integration
  4. 7 Best Salesforce Integration Apps
  5. Best Salesforce Integration tools to Boost Productivity
  6. Choose the right Salesforce Consulting Partner

Introduction: What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management tool, used widely by businesses across the globe. This popular CRM tool is used by businesses to empower more sales, increase conversions, derive more values from the workforce, manage customer data and enhance accuracy in every aspect. Businesses of all nature and sizes can reap the benefits of this modern cloud-based solution.

No matter how experienced and talented your workforce is, there is always a scope to increase productivity and make your workforce more efficient. And one of the best ways to do this is by using the best salesforce integration tools. But the challenge is to find the best applications that fit your team requirements. To ease your problem, we have created the list of best salesforce integration tools that will definitely boost the team’s work output. Before we proceed, let’s understand the meaning of Salesforce integration.

best salesforce integrations

What is Salesforce Integration?

Every business has unique needs and they use different software that works differently. Each software is designed with different features, security level, functionalities, languages, own their custom-built business logic and visual representation. This is where the need for salesforce integration solution emerges.

Salesforce integration organizes and manages a smooth connection between Salesforce CRM and other apps, with the help of API.

Salesforce Integration permits data accessibility and data analysis, guides the authorities to make dynamic decisions. That’s why businesses need to put efforts into efficient salesforce integrations as it is a valuable asset with the potential to produce maximum advantages for business.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration

The benefits of Salesforce Integration within different apps are different. We have laid down some of the common benefits that are derived by almost every app.

Latest Customer Insights

When companies integrate Salesforce with customer-focused platforms, they can access detailed reporting on customers usage of their goods and services, helping the marketing manager to check when the user is falling or provide additional services when usage is rising.

Offers all-in-one access

Employees don’t need to switch systems to derive the required information. By being logged in into one system, you can get everything done.

Employees won’t have to switch systems to get what they need. They can stay logged into one system to get everything done.

Increased productivity

A lot of efforts are made by the team members to ensure information appears across all the systems of the organization. These manual tasks consume time and could also result in errors. Integrated systems enable automated information leading to minimizing the demand for duplicating work, less-wastage of employees valuable time and increasing their productivity.

Accurate Data

Since the manual tasks get limited and there is no duplication of data with Salesforce integration, the business organization is benefitted with accurate data.

Boost online sales

When a brick and mortar store launches eCommerce site, they need tools and techniques to connect with their existing userbase, manage supply-chain, inventory control, dynamic pricing tools, and strategies to maximize their sales and conversions. By using Salesforce Industry solutions, they can increase their sales and maximize returns.

Organize Webinars

Businesses can organize webinars in a better way and get the most of it. They can make quick registration, maintain attendance, interactivity details for live events in salesforce.com. Also, it allows salespeople to invite prospects for attending webinars from the Contact or Lead record.

7 Best Salesforce Integration Apps

best salesforce integration

1. Marketo

Marketo – a marketing automation tool helps businesses in several ways like managing leads, generate sales insight reports, understand revenue cycle and activities related to social marketing.

Marketo integrates smoothly with Salesforce and provides a tool for businesses that offer customer support and lead management. With Marketo and Salesforce integration, it becomes easy for companies to nurture the potential leads, current sales-ready a customer situation. Also, other marketing activities like email marketing are supported by this integration. 

2. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS which is used by a wide array of businesses to host and run their sites ranging from news, blogging to profitable eCommerce. It is well known for its myriad features such as easy and intuitive interface, thousands of free and premium plugins for meeting different fulfilling requirements, strong publishing features, and more.  Salesforce WordPress Integration enables to bring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to your own site and synchronize important data between the two platforms/applications. 

3. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a popular ERP tool with companies preferring Microsoft products. The tool focuses on different business sectors like the manufacturing sector, retail, and public sector. Microsoft Dynamics is used by any financial companies and manufacturing units because it offers an easy interface to use popular Microsoft products like Yammer, Azure, etc. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Salesforce helps you to bring the finest customer relationship management solutions to your Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). and this integration also helps in running the business effectively. 

4. Oracle EBS

Oracle E-Business Suite is one of the most popular business applications among large enterprises. It comes with plenty of features such as Human Resource Management System (HRMS), supply chain management, customer support services, etc. Integrating Oracle with Salesforce helps companies with powerful customer management tools and techniques. They advise and support for an experienced Salesforce Consultant is must before implementing Salesforce and Oracle EBS integration. Salesforce-Oracle EBS integration is a complex task and demands proper planning beforehand.

5. Drupal

Drupal is a well-known CMS for companies working majorly on content. There are a lot of companies that run their sites using Drupal. It is a popular platform to publish content and it also offers web admins with a bunch of features helping them to run sites comprehensively. It is useful for companies requiring complex and large sites.

Salesforce integration helps in making Drupal website more customer-friendly and also offer excellent customer care solutions for the targeted audience. In fact, you will also be able to understand web traffic better with the integration of these two exquisite tools.

6. SAP Business Suite

SAP Business Suite is a popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, that helps companies in data management across different platforms run their businesses efficiently. SAP Business Suite and Salesforce Integration help you manage day-to-day business operations, eliminate work overlapping processes. SAP ECC Salesforce integration eliminates duplicate copies of data and increases employees productivity at work. 

7. Geopointe

Geopointe offers the finest mapping and routing information, and businesses use this service to gain customer insights and information regarding everything related to location. Integrating Salesforce with Geopointe, will enable you to offer location-based customer service,  target your customers strategically. With an increasing need for proximity searching, Geopointe provided the mapping information to Salesforce.

Best Salesforce Integration tools to Boost Productivity

The productivity of human personnel is negatively affected if they spend their valuable time on non-core activities than on important business decisions and crucial activities. For example, the main role of the Sales Representative is making the sale. Updating data, email syncing, and scheduling meetings and other similar tasks help him in the selling process, but those are not the core of what he is appointed for. There are powerful Salesforce integration tools that can automate some of the day-to-day tasks and save a significant amount of time.

1. Salesforce + Quip

Quip is a modern productivity suite that contains features like team chats, spreadsheets, and documentation, facilitating the team to complete important tasks with greater collaboration. Quip Salesforce integration provides an interactive, collaborative connected environment so that business processes are handled with fewer time-consuming meetings, lesser emails, and offering more growth opportunities to meet customers increasing demands.

Large enterprises, banks and, Fortune companies, have already upgraded their productivity with the Quip Salesforce integration. Quip also ensures an advanced and accurate report analysis for in-depth understanding and supports in sharing noteworthy real-time details in sales Meetups.

2. Salesforce + Ebsta

If you are using Salesforce for CRM and Gmail for business, you can increase your productivity by integrating these two digital tools together. Salesforce users use CRM tools to handle customer data, day-to-day activities, manage workflow, report and exchange of data with third-party systems. But, users also spend their time outside the CRM with Gmail for communicating and sending important emails.

Ebsta minimizes the gap between Gmail and Salesforce by putting the power of Salesforce in your Gmail. With Ebsta, You can synchronize your emails and google calendars, au automatic sync events marked on Google Calendar with the Salesforce calendar. 

You can get the Ebsta app from the Salesforce Store. Start with the free trial version.

3. Salesforce + Icertis

With Icertis Salesforce Integration, your team can view,  build, collaborate on contracts to stimulate contract flow, enhance productivity and drive your business to the next level. It also increases sales as it relieves the sales representatives from additional administrative burdens. Using Salesforce, users can create contract requests, track contract status, check updates and its progress, and handle end-to-end contract lifecycle seamlessly without leaving Salesforce.

The integration of Icertis Contract Management with Salesforce assist you in expediting, protecting and optimizing activities. Thereby you can boost the effectiveness of contract processing, increase revenue, minimize risks and control costs effectively.

4. Salesforce + ToutApp

ToutApp Salesforce integration supports users to develop personalised emails quickly and follow-up on promotional emails. This tool helps in lead nurturing enabling sales personals to send the right content to the right prospective customers at the right time.

Users can call the prospects or contact them directly from the  Salesforce platform using the in-built dialer system. This powerful marketing tool helps to prioritize the task, upgrade the content and supports in converting leads

5. Salesforce + Getfeedback

Realtime support and real-time feedbacks what modern customers demand. Buyers expect enterprises to respond to their queries and connect with them in real-time. With Salesforce chat, the support team can provide effective real-time chat services to customers and also observe how customers respond to this interaction and what course of action is taken when the customer is not satisfied.

The Getfeedback Salesforce integration will provide you with real-time customer feedback, which will appear in your Salesforce Chat window. The detailed customer feedback insights help the support team to enhance their services and thereby it also boosts their productivity.

Choose the right Salesforce Consulting Partner

Choosing the right Salesforce partner that meets your specific business needs requires a systematic approach. From startups to large enterprises, we are helping businesses to make the most out of the Salesforce CRM. A2ZFame is the end-to-end Salesforce development company with vast experience in working on different industries such as healthcare, retail, banking, telecom, manufacturing and other industries. Our best Salesforce integrations can help clients to transform the way their business interacts with their customers, manage their goods and services and even their workforce.

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