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E-learning platforms are the good medium to obtain knowledge from Internet or online resources. Since Covid-19 crisis, internet become more important for online learning. An increasing number of internet user’s, increasing the demand of e-learning platforms.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has increased opportunities for the growth of the e-learning market. The global lockdown of education institutions, training centers, private & government institutes has caused interruptions in student’s education and learning. Resulting is to boost the demand of e-learning platforms.

Important Factors for Growth of the E-Learning market:

>   Increasing number of Internet user.

>   Higher use of Mobile Apps & Social Media.

>   Increasing Internet-Enabled devices.

>   Growth of Education Technology.

E-learning Market:

There are number of e-learning platforms that provide online education via video or text content. Research and Market forecasts Online Education Market will reach US$ 350 Billion by 2025.

All platforms is giving different-different online courses such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Photography, Programming, Business, Art, Personal Development, Animation, Lifestyle, etc. Most of Training institutions and Universities are also making their courses online for student learning.

Google searches for online courses increased by 100% across the world from March to April 2020.

Market by Country

>   United States and China are Top Two Leading Countries in Global E-Learning Market.

Market by Technology

>   Mobile technology is at top in E-Learning Market.

Market by Business

>   Dominating segments in the Global Online Education Market are Small and Midsize Business and Large Enterprises.

>   Service

>   Content

Companies are starting E-learning business because of cost-effectiveness and increasing the opportunities in online education day-by-day.

On the other hand it will increase the revenue of mobile app development company.

E-learning Platforms:

>   Udemy

>   Coursera

>   Skillshare

>   Thinkfic

>   WizIQ

>   Teachable

>   Codecademy

Growth of Mobile Learning:

Mobile technology and mobile user’s increasing day-by-day. That’s why most of e-learning platform runs on mobile devices via mobile apps. Using mobile is easy then a laptop or desktop. Learner can manage their time or online learning anytime using mobile.

Today, the smartphone users are more than 3 billion in worldwide. United States, India and China are top 3 countries with highest number of mobile users. It is forecast that this number will grow by hundred million in next few years.

Key Advantages of E-Learning:

>   Cloud based platforms provides flexibility in the accessibility, content storage and processing.

>   Other advantages are remote access, security, data backup and cost-effectiveness.

>   Better time management (Anytime Access).

>   Learn lots of skills at one place.


All things shows one thing at this time there’s huge scope in online learning. Reason is the market growth and various options of e-learning platforms for different groups of people.

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