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To achieve utmost success from your preset email marketing campaigns, you need an email service provider like a2zfame which offers powerful tools to automate the emails sent out by your business. Not only do we provide reliable delivery of your company mails, but we also have a customer support team dedicated to offering technical support for your ongoing email marketing campaigns. As a well-known business email service provider, a2zfame provides technical capabilities which are designed by skilled developers. With our services in this domain, you can expect your communication channel to become much simpler and smoother. With a host of highly functional features, a2zfame is the ultimate email service provider for a variety of industrial domains.

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Targeted Dispatching

Targeted Dispatching

Sending the right email at the right time to the right person is what is done by an automated mail. This does not seem like a very effective marketing strategy. Instead, use a targeted email which seems like a more deliberate attempt at marketing your business to the targeted client. We provide targeted emails which are curated specifically to the target client. These emails are sure to get you a positive client response as anticipated by you.

Creative Content

Creative Content

The content of your email plays a major role in defining the response which you would be getting from the potential customer. Our expert email providers are highly skilled in curating engaging emails with inclusions of creative content in it. All the necessary information is creatively compiled in the email which is sure to get you the desired results from the potential clients.

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Perfect for sales, marketing and support

  • Email marketing campaigns help you in building stronger relations with your existing clients. May it be the latest product launch, or an event in your company, marketing it via email can result in promising outcomes. Not just this but you can also improve the chances of effectively reaching out to potential clients through email marketing.
  • Email marketing is a great way to improve the awareness of your brand among potential customers. It gives you the direct line to the mailboxes of all your existing as well as potential clients. This improves your brand identity to a great extent.
  • While managing a business, you may have certain time and budget constraints. When you use other ways of marketing your business like shooting ads, recording ads on radios, etc, it can be pretty time-consuming. Email marketing offers a faster, more convenient and a more cost-effective way to market your business.
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Why use email marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful and vibrant way to connect to your existing as well as potential clients.


Although social media is an effective platform to market your business and reach out to potential customers, an effective email marketing is what will help you in interacting with your potential customers, converting them into leads and maintaining the customer base.



Sending an email would not cost you a penny! You can reach a larger base of consumers in an effective, easy and inexpensive way through email marketing. With an effective email marketing strategy, you would be able to enjoy the cost benefits which comes from effectively converting the potential customers into sales and increasing the business ROI.



Email marketing aims at creating separate segments, listing the audience under it accordingly, and generating a tailored mail which resonates with the members of each segment. You can customize each email set which improves your chances of arriving in the private email box of the mail recipient instead of directly being sent to the Spam folder.



You can make use of transactional emails to direct traffic to your website and eventually drive the sales of your business. These emails are automated based on the triggers of your clients. These kinds of emails are capable of being opened and clicked more which in turn can enhance your company's revenue to a great extent.



With email marketing, you would not be left guessing. Every activity, including who opened the email, which links were clicked on and how many users subscribed and unsubscribed, can be tracked and necessary changes in the email marketing strategy can be made in order to improve the response.



Your customers need not open their laptops or switch on their PCs in order to read your emails. They can be accessed easily using any device including smartphones. This gives the customer the convenience of opening the emails whenever and wherever they want to.


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Jason Huston


Lalit is extremely professional. He is a rare talent to find out from this massive pool of professionals. Our goal is to find the best individuals overall so we can begin solid relationships to fulfill our future projects. In that sense, Lalit will be a great asset to our work going forward.

Ruk Dev

North Carolina

As for this project, he was very clear on his understanding and communications to successfully close the project. He took up this project in the middle where the initial stage of the project was completed by another developer. So he faced the challenge really well by correctly understanding the current setup. Then he provided the best options to get the project in track. His WordPress, plugin and map creation skills are in high standard. We highly recommend him for any project.


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Fantastic work. Consistently on-time, under budget, and great communication throughout the project. I look forward to working with in the future.


new zealand

a2zfame quickly got this site running as needed.
Their WordPress expertise and knowledge made this a simple project, which they handled with ease.
Very happy with the work, and I'm looking forward to many more projects.

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Absolutely awesome work on this job! I totally trust these guys, who are extremely diligent and hard-working. They were totally responsive and turned around excellent work in a very speedy time. Highly recommend!! Great choice for your web needs!

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