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If you wish to enter the healthcare industry, opting for on-demand medical care app development can help you to serve the society in a better way.

Healthcare app like Practo offers a platform to the patients to book the appointment with the doctor at the time convenient to them. The patients can also book an appointment with the rehabs centres, diagnostic labs, fitness centres, etc.

Development Cost of On Demand Medicare Care App development

The development cost of on-demand medical care app depends on multiple factors such as basic app features, advanced features, in-built functionalities, custom functionalities, UI/UX, no. of panels, and more.

on demand medical care app development

Factors affecting the Cost of Healthcare On-Demand App Development

App’s Platform

 There are two popular platforms to build the mobile application: Android and iOS. And the cost of both the platforms varies. In case you wish to develop an app on both of these platforms, the cost will get higher but building cost on both the operating systems will allow more and more customer to download and use the application. That’s why, if you wish to increase the customer base, it is advisable to opt for react native app development services.

App’s Size

The size of the app also determines the cost. Smaller the size less will be its development cost. Bigger the size more will be the development cost.

App’s Design

 The design of the app is one of the crucial factors that define the development cost of the app. It is always suggested to opt for excellent designs that offer rich user interface, deliver enhanced user experience, and boost user engagements. An ineffective design won’t have the power to keep the user engaged in the app. We, at A2ZFame, offers best and custom app designs at affordable prices.

Developers Cost

The cost charged by Developers is the main factor deciding the whole cost of healthcare on-demand app development. The cost of hiring a Developer or partnering with mobile app development company depends on the location of the developer or the company, expertise, knowledge, tools and methodology used and experience. An experienced App Developer or App Development Company will charge higher.

Admin Panel

Admin panel is managed by the owner or Admin of the app. Admin Panel is built with various basic and advanced features like data management feature, generating detailed analytics, monitoring app’s activities, etc. The no. of features requested by the Admin is one of the major feature ruling the cost of on-demand medical care app development


Patient’s Dashboard

Through the patient’s dashboard, the patient can make the advanced search of the doctor specialised in treating a particular ailment or disease with the various filter option provided in the app. Booking, scheduling, rescheduling, cancelling the appointment can be managed by the patient’s dashboard. The patient can also provide feedback, reviews and ratings to the doctor they have consulted.

Doctor’s Dashboard

The Doctors are required to provide the details information which includes their bio, profile/current designation, experience, specialization, working hours availability, regular consultation fee, emergency consultation fee, if any, medical registration no., and so on. Using the doctor’s dashboard, the doctor can manage their appointments, maintain paperless prescriptions and test reports of their patients, accept and manage payments as well.


The advanced features of developing on-demand healthcare app solutions include:

Geo Location

Both the patients as well as doctors can view each other’s location via Google Ma.

Referral Code

The feature is implemented as an effective marketing strategy to increase the reachability of medical care app solution. The new user can sign up via using referral code is provided by the existing app user and both of them can enjoy monetary or non-monetary benefits. Generally, when the first translation is completed by the user, then only both users can gain benefits.

Push Notifications

This is also one of the important feature being implemented with the motive to increase and maintain effective communication with all the people involved in the app’s activity. Effective communication can be undertaken via this marketing strategy. Using push notification features, user can send customized notifications/messages to doctors as well as patients about an appointment, upcoming event, discount plans and other important news/information.

One-time-password Login

This feature is implemented to narrow down the scope of any fraudulent activity and increase the app’s and user’s security. This feature will enable the user to login via OTP sent on the registered mobile no. or verified email address to sign in each time when using a new device.

In-app wallet feature

If you implement the in-app feature in the medical care app solution, the cost will be slightly increased.


If the doctors and patients of more than one country with different languages are expected to connect with each other via using medical care app solution, then it is mandatory to implement the Multilanguage feature on the app. More the no, of languages used, higher will be the development cost.

Payment Gateways

Higher the number of payment gateways provided to the patient dashboard and doctor’s dashboard more will be the cost.

Want to know the exact cost of on-demand app development for healthcare?

The above list of features determines the development cost of healthcare on-demand app development. These features are just an overview of what all features and functionalities will be served by  healthcare app. If you want to enter into the healthcare industry and looking forward to building an effective healthcare app, feel free to connect with our Consultant. We’ll explain the whole app system in detail and help you to make the best choice.

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