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Let’s discuss some building blocks to create custom calendar app in 2020 and beyond.

Time management is a challenging task because of the increasing no. of events and tasks with deadlines. Though a lot of mobile applications consist of in-app calendar features. But custom calendar app development from scratch and integrating it is a tricky task. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how custom calendar app development can enhance the work of various industries, benefits that can be availed via custom calendar app development. Also, we’ll provide details of the tools and technologies that can be used to create a calendar app or iterate calendar app to the existing native application.

custom calendar app

Table of Content:

  1. Use of Calendar App for various industries
  • Travel Industry
  • Education industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Social Media

2. Tips to Build a Successful calendar App

3.  Tech Stack to Create Calendar App

  • APIs to create Calendar App
  •  Tools to Create a Calendar App

4. We can implement a complex in-app calendar

  • Merged paper schedule with a digital planner
  • Check Overlapped Events
  • Enable Advanced sharing

5. Why build a Custom Calendar App?

6. A2ZFame- We can help You

Use of Calendar App for various industries

Calendar app brings more value to users by assisting them to manage their time more efficiently. Calendar apps are used across different industries. 

custom calendar app development

Travel Industry

Many of the travel booking platforms have an in-app calendar feature. Travel sites or apps use a calendar to shows the availability of dates on which users can make the booking. Using the calendar app, users can reserve the date they chose. The advanced calendars also suggest the dates on the basis of destination chosen.

Education industry

Online education has gained significant popularity after the COVID-19 global pandemics. And this has given rise to e-learning application and software development. Integrating calendars in education applications helps users in multiple ways. For example, the teachers can schedule the lectures, exam dates, assignment submission dates, courses, and more. Also, they can send notifications to students informing about the scheduled event, and more.

Logistics Industry

From scheduling shipping to delivering parcels, calenders can be used in the logistics industry. Carriers can see the upcoming shipments they are supposed to ship, and the shippers can choose the delivery date and time as per the receiver’s convenience. Also, both the shippers and carriers can reschedule the dates. 

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry can enjoy great benefits using calendars. A mot of healthcare apps and websites integrates the calendar feature to allow booking appointments with doctors, diagnostic labs, rehab centres, and more. Also, in fitness app development calendars are widely used to track the physical activity of the user, generate statistics for a particular hour or time.

In fact, healthcare apps like doctor appointment booking app and fitness apps cannot work without a calendar feature.

Social Media

Social media is no longer just a communicating platform. Today, many brands are using social media platforms for creating their brand awareness, reach the target audience, sell their goods and services and more. In fact, there are a lot of cool meetings and conferences happening over social platforms like Facebook. And to schedule and notify the users about the upcoming event, calendar app is a must. Also, scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are not possible without a calendar.

Do you wish to build a custom calendar app? Here are some important tips to be used while creating a calendar app from scratch.

Tips to build a successful calendar App

Focus on UI/UX

Needless to mention, an app must be user-friendly for increasing the no. of users using your app. And designing an app with rich UI/UX design requires hiring a professional designer who can build an intuitive interface with easy and simple navigation. Also give weightage to the latest design trends, minimalistic to vivid designs.

Synchronization Capabilities

The calendar app should have the capability to synchronize with all the devices like Android Phones, iOS Phones, laptops, and tablets. And for business requirements, it’s advisable to extend synchronization with iCloud and Google.

Extend your app to advanced functionalities

To increase the user base, it is recommended to offer some interesting cool features to your calendar app. Opt for the features that make your app more personalized as well as user-friendly. A customizable app with options like changing the colour of upcoming events, different font style, inviting other users to join the event, provide review/feedback to attended event etc is more preferred by users. 

Tech Stack to create a Calendar App

The tech stack of the calendar app is one of the most crucial parts to build a calendar app that succeeds. That’s why you need to select the technologies that offer product scalability in future.

We’ve divided the technologies into different categories.

APIs to create Calendar App

  • Google Calander API
  • Apple EventKit
  • FX Calendar API
  • Nylas Cloud Calendar API
  • Calendarific API
  • SuperSaaS API

Tools for Create Calander App

For Designing (UI/UX)

  • Sketch
  • Sympli
  • Illustrator

For Quality Assurance

  • Testflight
  • Firebase
  • Postman
  • Crashlytics

Programming Languages


  • Objective-C
  • Swift


  • Java
  • Kotlin


  • mongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Tool Set


  • Apple’s Xcode


  • Android Studio

custom calendar app

We can implement a complex in-app calendar

Nowadays the company prefer to narrow down the gap between paper notebooks and digital planners. They are taking a proactive approach to benefit their employees who are investing their time in making to-do task list on paper with the help of advanced technologies. Few of our clients approached us with this idea. Here are the details on how we worked and achieved the clients’ goals.

Merged paper schedule with a digital planner

The client expected to move the handwritten plans to digital calendars like Outlook, Apple and Google. So, to implement this capability, we made the use of OCR (optical character recognition) technology to convert the images of handwritten and typed words into machine-encoded text. We used Optical character recognition software as it accurately recognizes and scans handwritten text.

Check Overlapped Events

We implemented the augmented reality technology to avoid the scenarios of overlapping events. To overcome the chances of overlapped events, users can hold the app over Sliceplanner Notebook and then the app will notify in case of any overlapping events.

Enable Advanced sharing

Generally, the in-app calendar offers the functionality of task manager, daily planner, schedule events and more.  But with custom calender app development, users can also send documents via email, upload to the cloud simply by crossing the corresponding icons at Slice Planner notebook page.

Why build Custom Calander App?

Are you using the calendar app that’s already been provided to you? Though most of the mobile apps come with in-app calendar feature but Are they offering sufficient features? If yes, go ahead and use the same. If No, we suggest you opt for custom calender app development services.  There are chances that the offered in-app calendar might be limiting your efficiency as compared to custom calendar apps.

Benefits of custom calender app development:

  • Custom calendar apps are more robust than the in-app calendar app.
  • Custom Calendar apps offer more actionable features,  provide better communication and integration.
  • Custom calendar app can increase productivity during the day.
  • Custom Calendar app offers time-saving features. You can check multiple schedules in a single screen
  • With custom calender app development, you can connect to online meetings with just one click.

We Can Help You!

Building your own calendar app from scratch or integrating the calender app requires pre-planning. With the help on the in-app calendar, you can offer a wide array of advanced functionalities in the app.  If you wish to develop an outstanding tech solution, it is advisable to collaborate with the professional mobile app development company.  Certified experienced developers can offer distinct ways to integrate the calendar and extend the app’s functionality by adding several exciting features.

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