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Cloud Meeting App Development

This global pandemic – COVID-19 has entirely changed the way people work, students attend schools/colleges, and how businesses operate. Because of strict government regulations and keeping health safety in mind, most of the companies implemented “Work-from-home” for their employees. During this worldwide lockdown, the video-conferencing apps like Zoom gained huge popularity and were extensively used by corporate workers, students, and more to conduct meetings, online classes and webinars. Video-conferencing apps like Zoom have become an integral part of our lives and this has led to increased demand for video-conferring app development.

cloud meeting app development

During this COVID-19 pandemics, Zoom app is experiencing a skyrocketing growth in revenue. Zoom app experienced an increase of 169% from April 2019 in terms of revenue. By the end of April 2020, the total Zoom app revenue amounted to $328 million and in the coming year, this revenue is expected to increase to around $495 to $500 million because employees of various nations are still working from their homes. 

Essential Features of Video- Conferencing app development


User registration is essential to maintain the app’s privacy and security. If a user is using a video-conferencing app for official purpose, then he/she must register via their official e-mail id or if a user is using for personal use, they should be given an option to register via their personal email id or social media accounts.

Create a Profile

After the registration process, the user must be able to create his/her profile by filling all the required details. This ensures that an app is not accessed by an unauthorized user and only selected users can enter the chatroom.

Creating Chat Room

If you are looking for cloud meeting app development, then this is a must-have feature for your users. This feature allows the users to create a chatroom and only the ones who receive the invite code can join the meeting on a video call. 


A professional mobile app development company will integrate basic as well as advanced settings options in the app. This option will allow you to change the video-conferencing call settings which include:

  • Volume up and down
  • Image and Video Sharing
  • Screen Sharing option
  • Video and audio recording, etc.

The app’s settings can be customised as per the Admin’s requirements

Contact List

This feature allows users to add people from their mobile phone’s contact list easily. Also, the users can create their personalised list of contacts with whom they connect frequently. This feature syncs the user’s mobile contacts and social media contacts to the app and acts as a time-saver for users who are in a hurry.

cloud meeting app development


To offer a real-like working environment to employees, this feature holds a great prominence for managers leading a meeting. Managers can explain the important points to their team members using a virtual whiteboard.where they can use pointers and colour a specific area, share images, draw charts and graphs, share numbers with the team members.


This feature will allow users to share their mobile screen or desktop/laptop screen with their teammates. This feature is very useful when discussing a project with a large team or sharing a presentation with the team. Cloud meeting app development is a complicated process and thus it requires an experienced mobile app development company that has already successfully build cloud meeting app and knows the in-depth complexities of on-demand cloud meeting app development.

Virtual hand-raising feature

This feature may sound kiddish but it’s an important one when a large group of people caters on a video-conferencing call. This feature helps to avoid the chaos that may occur in the situation of a large group conferring calls and when too many people start talking simultaneously. With this virtual-hand raise, only the people who raise their hands are allowed to talk. In the situations where it’s difficult to control and manage who speaks, this feature helps in managing the team during discussions and webinars.

Push Notifications

This is one of the must-have features when planning to build video conferencing apps like zoom. Push notifications help users to notify about important updates, text-messages, scheduled calls, missed calls, and more. This advanced feature can be easily integrated by experienced mobile app developers. Hiring a professional team of android developers or iOS developers must integrate Push Notification feature in your on demand cloud meeting app.

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Data Encryption

It is important to be extra cautious and put more effort into the app’s security when you build cloud meeting app. People will only access your app when they are sure about the app’s security and the best way for it is to opt for end-to-end encryption. This ensures that only a sender and the receiver can see what is actually being shared or talked using the app. This maintains the user’s data confidentiality.

What makes Zoom so popular?

  • Maximum 10,000 people can attend a webinar in the view-only mode.
  • High-definition audio and video calls
  • Record everything said over the meeting.
  • Zoom can take notes too
  • People can choose the virtual background, look more presentable by some touch-ups.
  • Data Security
  • Attention indicators allowing the host to view the engagement rate of the meeting.

How to develop an on demand cloud meeting app?

cloud meeting app development

When planning to develop an on demand cloud meeting app, it is important to integrate the essential features to the app. Also, it is important to integrate the new features and update the app as per the latest technologies and market trends.

You can hire an Android Developer if you want to build cloud meeting apps on only Android platforms. Similarly, you can hire an iOS Developer if you want to build cloud meeting app on iOS platform. Before you hire a professional team of app developers or mobile app development company, it is essential to be clear with all your project requirements and explain everything in detail to the concerned person so that you get the best out of the investment you make in cloud meeting app development.

Steps involved in Cloud Meeting App Development

cloud meeting app development

Backend Development

Being the important part of the cloud meeting app development process, you must partner with an experienced mobile app development company that has an in-house team of Android and iOS developers, having expertise in building a server from scratch, exceptional and highly scalable on-demand mobile applications for clients. You may look for SaaS development services as it is quite popular these days.

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Frontend Development

Creating an attractive and appealing app is a must to increase the user-engagement. An experienced UI/UX designer can implement the essential elements required to attract and retain app users. The factors like easy navigation, user-friendly interface, intuitive graphics, appealing CTAs play a vital role in an on-demand cloud meeting app’s success.

Technology Used

  • For iOS Development: Java and Kotlin
  • For Android app development:  Swift and Objective-C 
  • For cross-platform app development:: React Native and Flutter

If you are confused between technologies and seek professional help or looking for a cross platform app development company in USA, you may contact us.


This is the last but important app development process. Before launching your on-demand cloud meeting app, it is must be tested by experienced Quality Analysts to ensure the app is free from any bugs or errors and performs well after launch.

Cost to build Video Conferencing app like Zoom

To be upfront, there is no exact amount that we can mention here. Based on the type of your app, and the kind of features which you want, the cost may vary.

A lot of clients approach us asking for video conferencing app development cost, but before quoting a price we question their requirements, and after thoroughly examining the client’s requirements, we share a quote with them.

The factors like app’s features, complexity, location of on-demand mobile app development company, app development platform, whether a client is looking for ready-made solutions or customised on demand cloud meeting app affects the cloud meeting app development cost.

So, to make things a bit simpler for you factors like app complexity, features, the size of the app development team, location of app development, app development platform, number of hours required to create an app, etc. are a few that majorly affects the mobile app development cost for a video calling app.

A video-conferencing app like zoom may cost around $50000 to $70000. On the other hand, a customized solution may cost a little higher as the development team works on everything from scratch.

video conferencing app development

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