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The on-demand laundry mobile app development, on-demand healthcare app development, on-demand parking app development, and more have become the entrepreneur’s top choice who wants to enter the growing on-demand mobile application market.

On-demand Laundry Service App

The awesome on-demand laundry mobile applications facilitate users to get done their laundry services simply by just a few clicks. The Laundry service market is expanding across the world, and this is the reason business owners are taking a keen interest in on-demand laundry mobile app development.

As per Statista prediction, the laundry service market is expected to produce a revenue of USD 83738 M by the end of 2020 and the market size of laundry services will reach $14.5 B by 2025. Developing a custom laundry app will help the business owners to gain their share of the pie.

laundry mobile app development

An on-demand laundry pick and delivery app is the right solution to one of the several problems faced by today’s youth. With just a few clicks, people can get access to laundry services without leaving their homes. These apps have greatly helped people from whom laundry was a big thing. It’s very easy to operate the laundry app, one just needs to open the app, register himself/herself, browse the laundry services in their area, look at the prices and time to get the clothes ready, and make a final booking.

The payment of laundry services can be made via the app with the integrated payment system.

The Concept of Laundry App Development

Let’s understand how on-demand laundry service mobile application actually works.

There are 3 main people/parties who contributes to the working and success of laundry mobile application.


Firstly, the users or the customers who install the laundry service mobile application in their devices to book services. Customers can enter cloth details, get the price quote, book pickup time slot, and place the laundry orders.

Delivery person

The delivery person collects the clothes on the scheduled time set by the customer and takes the clothes to the laundryman or rinser. Once the clothes are ready, the rinser calls for the delivery person to collect the clean clothes and deliver them back to the customers.

Laundryman/ Rinser

Laundrymen is the person who is responsible to confirm the booking when the user makes the request for clothes laundry. Once the laundrymen confirm the booking, the customer will receive an automated reply for confirmation. Then the delivery person will get the clothes delivered to the laundry centre where the laundrymen/rinser will wash,  dry and iron the clothes and send them back to the customer’s address.

How does Laundry Service Mobile Application work?

laundry mobile app development

Essential Features on On-demand Laundry Service App

The on-demand laundry service mobile application can be divided on the basis of the app’s functionality into three major categories as discussed above.

  • Customer app
  • Laundryman app
  • Delivery man app

Features of customer app for developing on-demand laundry mobile app

laundry mobile app development

Easy & Quick Login/ Signup

To ease the app’s usage,  customers will be facilitated with an easy and quick login process using their Gmail Id, mobile no., social media accounts. Using the existing accounts to logging into the laundry service app will minimise the customers time from the exhausting task of entering lengthy details.

Type of services to choose from

Modern Customers love when are given multiple options. As obvious, clothes are of various materials and each category requires different laundry treatment, and some clothes do require special care and treatment. Keeping this thing in mind, customers will b given different options to choose the type of material, kind of clothes, hand wash or machine wash, detergent preferences and more.

Schedule pickup

The customers will be given the option to choose the pickup timing as per their availability and convenience. Customers can select the timings and pick-up date from the mobile app and their clothes will be picked up by the delivery person from their doorstep.

Estimated cost

After selecting the clothes quantity and materials, customers will be able to view an approximate cost for the laundry service.

Option to choose Favourite laundryman

The customers can also mark a laundryman as a favourite on the basis of his/her previous services. This will give an option to the customers to book the same laundryman every time they book for laundry services.

Order status

Customers can track their order status and keep themselves updated with their order information from the laundry service app. 

Cancel order

If customers want to cancel the orders placed,  the laundry service app comes with an inbuilt feature for order cancellation by the customer. When the customer cancels an order, immediate notification is sent to the delivery person notifying him for the booking cancellation.

Leave a  Review

Customers have an option to provide their feedback about their laundry experience with the delivery person, laundryman, laundry service mobile application working or anything else.

My offers

The Admin of the app can provide custom offers to their loyal customers or new customers and customers can view their loyalty points and different running as well as upcoming offers from their profiles on their on-demand laundry service mobile app.


The customers will receive notifications with the change in the laundry status. These notifications are sent to keep the customers updated throughout the service duration.

Track driver/delivery person

The customers can also track the drivers/delivery person with the help of their on-demand laundry service mobile application.

Multiple payment options

The on-demand laundry mobile app allows customers to checkout using different payment options such as debit card, credit card, e-wallet, net banking cash on delivery, in-app wallet and more.

Features of laundry man’s app for on-demand laundry mobile app development  


Each Laundryman will be provided with their own dashboard and they will be provided with the login details and password using which they’ll be able to log in/ sign up.

Accessible client data

After accepting the order placed by the customer, they will be able to see the order information such as no. of clothes, cloth material, and other preferences selected by the customer

Order history

The laundryman will be able to see the previous orders placed by a customer and this will help him to understand the customer needs in a detailed manner.

Statistics and analytics

From the dashboard, laundryman will be able to track the service statistics weekly, monthly, half-yearly or on annual basis.

Calendar and reminders

The on-demand mobile app will consist of in-built calendars and reminders helping them in scheduling their tasks on a priority basis.

The business owner seeking for on-demand laundry mobile app development can also opt for custom calendar app development to offer enhanced features to the customers, delivery person and laundrymen.

laundry mobile app development

Features of delivery men mobile app for laundry on-demand mobile app development


The delivery men will also have their own app and like laundrymen, they can also login or sign up. 

Map integration

The delivery men’s mobile app will consist of a map so that they can navigate the customer’s address easily and pick up the laundry hassle-free.

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Track earnings

The delivery men will be given access to track their earnings per trip, daily, weekly and detailed statistics about their overall earning.

Pickup and drop request

Delivery men will be able to see the pickup and drop a request in their on-demand laundry service mobile application.

With such a great scope to earn high-revenue in laundry, healthcare, travel and hospitality industry, what are you waiting for building on-demand mobile apps?

Technologies used in on-demand laundry mobile app development

Cloud technology

The important information related to payment, orders, users, and laundry persons are stored on cloud servers. Cloud technology plays a crucial role in on-demand laundry mobile app development as it manages communication through secured servers, helps in maintaining business integrity and scaling the laundry business, whenever required.

GPS tracking

The on-demand mobile applications powered by GPS feature add great value to the business. The laundrymen can see the location of the delivery person in real-time and the delivery person can use GPS to reach the customer’s place.

With GPS in place,  customers can be updated by showing them accurate time for the delivery person to reach their destination, time-taken by laundrymen to fulfil the services and other activities.

Reports and analytics

Report and analytics help to determine the weak areas as well as strong areas of business. They give you insightful stats about the user base, current price standards, performance of a particular laundryman or delivery person and many more.

You can integrate any of the analytical tools to your on-demand laundry service mobile application for the laundry business growth.

App store optimization

The optimization of your laundry app is very important to ensure that your on-demand laundry service mobile application becomes a huge hit when launched on the Google play store or the play store.

For other important features, please refer to the below technologies:

Real-time analytics: – Cisco, Apache Flink, BigData, Spark, Hadoop

SMS & Push Notifications:- Twilio

Database: – Mail chimp integration, HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgress

Navigation:- Google Maps

Payments:- Braintree, PayPal, Stripe EWallets

Cloud environment:- Google, Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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How much does a custom laundry mobile app development cost?

The on-demand mobile app development process includes different stages and the on-demand laundry app cost can be evaluated by calculating the number of hours required in each stage.

These stages are characterized as ;

  1. Designing stage
  2. Development stage
  3. Development of back-end structure
  4. Building Admin Panel
  5. Testing Stage
  6. App Launch

The number of hours consumed in each stage determines the on-demand laundry app cost. Also, the developer’s location determines the laundry app development cost. To know the exact price of your on-demand laundry service mobile application, schedule a one-on-one conversation with our Consultant.


Mobile applications have become an essential element of the modern technology industry. Business owners are making the optimum use of mobile app development to launch and grow their businesses. While the eCommerce apps have gained immense popularity, the on-demand industry like on-demand healthcare app development, on-demand fantasy game app development, on-demand laundry application development, and more are equally high in demand. Mobile devices have become an important part of everyone’s lives. Therefore, it makes it easy to access mobile apps from anywhere, anytime.


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