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Leveraging mobile application for business growth and promoting brand awareness is becoming an entrepreneur’s first choice. For delivering seamless user experiences, creating new sources of revenue, implementing innovative solutions, IT solutions is a crucial element of the business. This has given rise to the need for mobile application development and mobile app maintenance services a deliberate requirement for organizations looking forward to adding enriched value and upgrade business outcomes.

 After successfully launching a mobile application in the market, your mobile app may experience million of downloads in just a few weeks of its release on Google Play and iOS Store. But what next? Building and launching the app is not the only important work. It also needs to be constantly updated. After your app goes live, your accountability from app development shifts to take care of mobile app maintenance services.

 In 2016, Apple discarded 50,000 apps from the App Store as it became outdated.

Investing in mobile app maintenance services saves your app from becoming outdated. In today’s world of technological advancement, there is a continuous change in the internal and external factors affecting the app’s usability and benefit it serves. And if you do not keep your app updated, it’ll crash and eventually be deleted by Google Play or iOS store. 

mobile app maintenance services

 This blog will tell you the importance of mobile app maintenance that will give you strong reasosn to opt for mobile app maintenance services.

Importance of Mobile App Maintenance Services

Mobile App Maintenance services should be given priority to ensure that the app is working properly and delivering the benefits at its best.

To cope up with the latest versions of Operating Systems

To rule the app world – Google Playstore and Applestore, it is a must to update the app’s Operating Systems regularly. An app which is working perfectly today may not work properly tomorrow. You might be thinking why it is so? Every year, in fact, every quarter of the year, new versions of Android and iOS devices are launched by mobile companies. Also, Google Play Store and Apple store release their updates gradually. If your app is not updated regularly, there are good chances that your apps fail to cope up with the few updated highlights. These changes should be done before a user encounter with a newer version operating system.  That’s why app maintenance is important.

Improvement in Software Libraries

The importance of software library in mobile app development is significant.  When using third-party libraries in the mobile app, it is mandatory to update whenever any libraries are getting updated. Using the obsolete library in the mobile app will make it difficult to implement the use of the latest features and device’s functionalities.

Security updates

Security updates play a significant role in ensuring the app’s integrity and keeping the user’s valuable data safe from any spam or getting hacked. Security updates also help to make your app free from any possible security threats and bugs. The programming team should take proactive measures to deal with such issues and capable enough to fix the issues, whenever detected.

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User Interface

A UI that’s appealing today will no longer appeal in the next year. Modern users demands to  see the new and advanced features and appealing UI (User Interface).  Every year, mobile manufacturers launch new devices with enriched features and in different screen sizes. To cope up with these chnages, it’s important  to offer enhanced mobile app’s user interface to customers.

Update new features

Scaling your business requires adding more features to the app. For example, if you are expanding your business to global platform, it is required to add multiple currency and multiple language feature to the mobile app. In such cases and many others, it becomes  essential to update the mobile app with latest features as well as improved features.

Financial Benefit in the long run

When an orgnization spends an signifcant amount in mobile app development, obviously it expects mobile apps to generate revenue for business. Despite the best practices and expertise deployed in mobile app development, there may be chances of some hidden error that may adversely affect the app’s performance. So, to avoid huge expenses due to app failure or other valid reasons, it is advisable to opt for mobile app maintenance services.

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When is the right time to update the mobile app?

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